My name is Rachel Schaffer but you can call me Rae! I am a professional graphic designer /photographer, and all around pretty big geek. I have over 7 years of experience working in my field and have many satisfied clients. I’m wizard girl living in a Muggle world!

My story

I was born in North Eastern Ohio, I spent most of my life working in the area, however I have many satisfied clients all over the country. While still in high school, I received my certification in Multi-Media Digital Design from the local vocational school. In 2007 I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a major in Graphic Design and Minor in Photography. I graduated from AIP with the highest honors Bachelors degree in 2010 and began my career working as a Graphic Designer / Photographer for a local travel company. I have advanced through this company starting as a intern and growing into the Senior Graphic Designer / Project Manager and Photography Lead.

What drives me

I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world! Being able to take a blank page and turn it into a logo, flyer, booklet, website, etc. is what keeps me excited to wake up everyday. I am constantly researching and keeping up with design trends to make sure my work is the best of the best for my clients and companies I work for. I am a very dedicated and hardworking individual that will constantly bring you unique and fresh work. My time management skills will shock you; I am able to juggle multiple projects while getting them all done on time if not earlier!

Geek in a good way!

Along with bringing my experience I have I also bring my fun geeky personality which can make working fun! I am Bilingual with my first language being movie quotes and second being English. I’ve collected all 150 original Pokemon and am a accomplished Pokemon Master. So please take a look around our portfolio page and feel free to contact the Geeks, I think we can be the perfect fit for your company!

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